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Bristol voted best city in the UK

Gary Cutlack – The Sunday Times has pulled together a seemingly arbitrary list of reasons why living in a particular urban spot might make you happy, deciding that the evidence… Read more»

Creative Desk Space Glasgow @ The Printworks

We have desk spaces available to rent in our quirky design studio. Based in the West end of Glasgow in the Printworks, we have a small friendly group of designers… Read more»

A Parody Video Of How Apple May Announce The New iPhone 5S

In anticipation of Apple’s new iPhone 5S that may be unveiled on 10 September 2013, YouTube user Matthias decided to create a parody video to mock how the tech company might unveil its… Read more»

Infographic: The Hazards Of Using The Internet While Traveling

Created by the team at Hotspot Shield, this useful infographic highlights the hazards of using the internet while traveling. This detailed chart shows that fake WiFi hotspots may be set up by hackers… Read more»

For Bacon Day, Ford Offers New Buyers An Option To Wrap Their Car In Bacon

In honor of International Bacon Day today, car makers Ford have decided to celebrate their favorite meat—by offering new car buyers a chance to add a side of bacon to their… Read more»

Minimalistic Frozen Superheroes On A Stick

Amsterdam-based creative director Chungkong merged his two favorite things to create, what he dubs, a ‘Superhero Ice Pops Universe’. In his poster series, some of our favorite superheroes, such as… Read more»

Graffiti Artist Turns A Bridge Into Realistic LEGO Street Art

German graffiti artist, Martin Heuwold aka MEGX, has painted a bridge with an area of 250 square meters to look like it was made from LEGO bricks. This realistic 3-dimensional… Read more»

The Rolling Stones Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary With A New Logo

To mark their 50th anniversary, English rock band, The Rolling Stones, has unveiled a new logo, designed by American contemporary designer and illustrator Shepard Fairey. The Stones’ new logo was… Read more»

Speculative Work, Why Designers Shouldn’t Work For Free

In a video by Topic Simple, they dive straight into the world of design to explain the term ‘spec work’ or ‘speculative work’ and why designers should stay away from… Read more»

PUMA Creates Retro 8-Bit Video Game To Encourage Web Visitors To Run

To encourage visitors to run and partake in races, Puma has created an 8-bit retro-styled video game on their website. Called ‘Run Puma Run’, the game does not require any… Read more»

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